April is a holy month for many people throughout the world. And whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Vesak or something other, or you abstain as an agnostic or atheist, there is one thing that codifies our experience. The Covid-19 virus has ensured that we are all observing one…

…and How We Can Actually Achieve It

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

There is a palpable pressure felt in the world today. It seems to be coming in from all angles. Environmental, economic, political, social, global crises are occurring at a pace that our small, primate brains can no longer mitigate. Hell, even the bees are disappearing. And if one were to…

The light through the forest path
Reading and commentary on the article “A Post Covid-19 World”

Before we barely had time to rub the sleep from our eyes waking into 2020, we found ourselves propelled, not only into a new year, but into a completely new era. We are now well and truly living in the…

Todd Kramer

Writer, actor, presenter, instructor, coach and consultant with degrees in theater arts and creative writing. Todd is also creator of The Middle Line project.

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